Inspections: .
Nov 15 - The house passed inspection.  The garage didn’t.  How ironic.  The guy wanted Glenn to caulk around the lights on front of the garage, and he had failed to put the cover plate in the electrical box.  Minor things that he would have stayed and watched Glenn do, but he had a dentist appointment.  He’ll be back tomorrow.  Let’s just say that Glenn slept great for the first time in a really, really long time.

This is our entry light - I finally have a picture of it.

  Entry Light
Nov 16 - The inspector came back, and passed the garage.  The VA guy came and passed the house.  He wasn’t happy about the rocks in the front yard.  He didn’t like seeing anything over the size of a fist.  Glenn pointed out the fact that we had to BLAST to get our basement in, and we would do landscaping in the spring.  Glenn and Dorothy went and bought drawer pulls to put on all the cabinets.  Glenn spent a lot of time doing drawer pulls.  Dorothy cleaned the up in the master bedroom.  She pulled up the sticky plastic and vacuumed the carpet to get all the dust out.

Nov 17 - Dorothy cleaned the kitchen (again) and started lining shelves.  She also cleaned the shower and bath tub and floor in the master bath.  Glenn continued working on door pulls.  Glenn went and bought door locks, as well as a door handle for the french doors.  We also began moving stuff for the kitchen from the condo to the house.

Nov 18 - Glenn installed the french door handle and changed out the front and back door locks and handles with real door knobs and locks.  He also began working on the closet putting up shelving and rods.
French Doors