Nov 14:   It’s do or die day.  And we just might die.  Dorothy took the day off to help out.  We arrived at the house around 7:30 and went to work.  We put up the stair railings for both the upstairs, downstairs and mudroom stairs.  Dorothy put caps up where the fans will eventually go in the living and bedroom.  Dorothy made at least three trips to Lowes or Home Depot getting electrical plates to finish all light switches, bought closet rails, etc.  Dorothy put all switch plates up, all blanks, etc. 

Glenn and Dorothy had fun getting the pedastal sink in.  Dorothy had to actually do a lot of it because it was such tight quarters and needed tiny hands.  We tried a couple of different types of approaches to fasten the sink to the wall.  But at last we have the sink in. 


Glenn installed lights in the master bath over the mirrors.  We also ended up buying a light to temporarily put in the hall bath since the one we ordered was still not in.  We are having a difficult time getting enough globe covers on the lights.  We bought all we needed (and wiped out Lowes in-stock supply at Jordan Landing) and then they fell out of the car when we got here and three of the four broke.  Oh well. 

This picture of our pedastal sink is from after we moved in.  Oddly enough we didn't take pictures on this rather frenzied day....
Pedastal  Sink  

Glenn finished the tub box, and put up beadboard around it.  He installed the range hood over the cooktop (which the furnace guy had come a week or so ago and installed and got working).  Glenn installed the french door which arrived around Nov 2 and has just been sitting there.  Dorothy cleaned all the window panes.  It took a long time.  It is amazing how much dust there is in this house.  Dorothy painted the mudroom stairs.  Glenn put up trim around the french door and the tub and painted it.  Dorothy went home about 11 pm because she had a meeting to go to at 8 the next morning.  Glenn came home at 3 am.  We were exhausted, but ready enough for the county inspection.  The funny thing is that after Glenn got in bed, neither one of us slept at all the rest of the night.  Too tired?  Maybe.  Whatever it was we could only hope we were done and would pass the inspection.