Painting The House:
Before I get into the whole painting project, I should mention that we got road base!  We now have a driveway, and it is so much nicer to drive and park on.  The chances of picking up a nail are a lot less, too.  We are starting to look less like a construction site and more like a home site.

October 24:  Dorothy took time off from work to, well, work on the house.  Dorothy did a whole lot more filling of nail holes in trim, sanding, and basically running any errands Glenn needed done in preparation to paint the house.

Today was also a momentous day, because Glenn got the toilet installed in the hall bathroom.  No door, but still, indoor plumbing.  It’s been becoming more attractive as the temperature has been dropping.  Meanwhile Greg is still working on the shower.
Road Base  

We prepped the house exterior for painting (Dorothy is still filling nail holes, and sanding -- only now on the outside).  Glenn & Dorothy took a trip over to the Pollits where the paint sprayer has been since he finished their basement last spring.  When Jeannie answerd the door, she gasped and said to Glenn, “Glenn, you’re so thin!”  Glenn has been losing weight on the ‘house diet’. We had sort of noticed, but hadn’t really thought it through because we were so busy.  Dorothy had bought some levis for him at Sam’s club a week or two ago, and got the usual 38-34s, but as she left to go to Sam’s club, Glenn said to get 1 pair of 36-34s just to check, because he’d been complaining for some time that his pants were always falling off.  Turns out, the 38-34s were too big, and the 36-34s were just right.  We think he’s lost 15 or 20 pounds.  Anyway, we got the sprayer, got the paint, and got some help.
  Painting the House

October 25:  Dorothy’s sister Jeanne and her husband Mac (who retired from teaching last spring) were available to help.  They came out and helped prep the house by putting plastic over windows.  Doesn’t sound like much until you realize how many millions of windows there are on the house (okay, so I exaggerate - but it was a lot).  Mac helped Glenn get the sprayer set up and Glenn went at it.  We got the front of the house, front and east side of the garage, and the east side of the house done in one day.

Glenn and Mac

October 26:    Glenn got the door on the bathroom first thing before Jeanne and Mac got there.  Jeanne and Mac showed up, and we all discovered that working in the sunlight on the south and east is a whole lot warmer than working on the north and west where there was a stiff cold breeze blowing.  We all went through about 5 cups of hot chocolate a piece.  There were a whole lot of numb fingers, too.  But we got the rest of the garage done, the back upper deck, too.  It doesn’t sound like a lot when its written down, but it was hard work all day long.  You have to remember we did two coats on each wall, and we had to wait for the temp to get as close to 50 as possible on the back side.  We painted at 48, and hoped for the best.
Painting the House

October 27:     Saturday, Brian came and helped Glenn prep the west side where they had to get up on ladders, while Dorothy finished prepping the lower back deck.  We were able to get the entire house painted by the end of Saturday with the exception of a couple of places on the east and west sides of the back deck.  Glenn will get those on Monday.  It was exhausting, back-breaking work.  We painted all the trim the same color as the rest of the house, except for the porch front, back deck and columns.  They were already painted white in the last week.  The rest of the trim which should be white will be painted next spring.  We beat the weather, because we were lucky and blessed.  It’s expected to turn cold any time now.  Dorothy took all the plastic off the exterior windows that she could reach.  My, the view is really nice through the living room windows. 

Glenn and Brian

October 29:  The kitchen pendants finally arrived.  Dorothy had been watching the shipping ticket from Pottery Barn and knew they were coming.  She hustled home in case they were sitting on the doorstep.  After all that was $700 worth of lights.  They weren’t there, but not more than two minutes after getting home, there was a knock at the door, and there was UPS with the lights.  It was a big relief getting them.  We had begun to worry that they might not arrive in time, and it would be important to have them for the final inspection.  
Glenn and Greg

November 1:    The John Company came today and hauled away the port-a-potty.  Greg was here doing tile, and jumped off the deck and was heading up to the south 40 where the port-a-potty was, when he realized it wasn’t there.  He turned around and yelled for Glenn.  Glenn told him to head for the hall bathroom.  Apparently the look on his face was pretty funny when he saw there was no green building to head for.
Back of the House