September 15 (Saturday)  Dorothy notices  that the Library French doors don’t look right.  She spent a while staring at the doors and then the opening they are supposed to go in.  The doors are definitely too small. Glenn gets called in and spends some time doing the same mental math.  Yup.  Too small.  We got out the measurements taken by the door company, and the measurement there is correct.  Whew!  It’s not our mistake.  It’s theirs.

September 17 - Glenn calls and tells the door people about the problem.  The guy doesn’t sound happy.  He says he’ll send someone out to take a look.  Meanwhile the appliances were delivered.  Things are really starting to pick up.  Everyday something is happening.  We decide we’d better get to work on some other items.  We order the kitchen pendants, dining room light and a door mat with “Johns” on it  Good news is that the mat and dining light are in stock, Bad News - the pendants aren’t.  They are on back order until about Oct 3.  We figure it isn’t a problem. 

Even worse, we took no pictures....