Timeout - Sept 28-Oct 7
Glenn and Dorothy take a vacation - sort of. 

First up, Glenn's Dad came to town for the Bomber Reunion.  On Friday night we all met downtown (Steven, Marcia, Brian, Gabe, Des, Grey, Glenn and Dorothy) with Gene for dinner.  Then on Saturday, everyone but Marcia went up to Hill AFB and spent time in the Air Museum.  It was really interesting.  

Hill AFB Air Museum  

After leaving there, Glenn and Dorothy went to the house to do a little work, and found it a far different place.  It was snowing!  It's the first time we've had snow on the roof.  Last time it snowed, it had all been inside--since it was before we had a roof.
First Snow of the Season

Sunday - It was our time share week up at the Canyons in Park City.  When we scheduled this, we thought we would be in the house.  But hey, we actually thought at one time, we would be in last Christmas.  We were really naïve.  I suppose if we had used a contractor, it might have been possible, but with Glenn acting as contractor in this incredibly crazy building market, we have had to wait a lot of contractors to show up--and that has slowed us down tremendously. 

Anyway, we took Gabe and Des with us up to the Canyons.  It’s a place we all get a little nostalgic about.  Both Gabe and Des, and Glenn and Dorothy had their honeymoon’s here.  
At the Canyons

It was really great to just relax, sit back and do nothing.  We all needed it.  Monday we went to the pool and hot tub.  We may have gone out for a little shopping but mostly we stayed in, talked, read, played with Grey, and relaxed.  Tuesday, we went into Park City and checked out the galleries. One of our favorite things to do. 

We also watched GalaxyQuest and everybody was really laughing hard.  It was good to just relax.

Then on Wednesday morning, Glenn and Dorothy got up at the crack of dawn and left.  Gabe and Des were leaving as well, but later in the day in a more relaxed fashion.
Glenn and Grey

Back to the salt mines for Wednesday and Thursday.  Glenn continued doing trim.  Dorothy filled nail holes and sanded, and primed the columns on the front and back porches of the house.  The wind was blowing fiercely, and in between the house and the garage, Dorothy was almost blown off her feet. 

We are trying to get the grounds cleaned up, as well, before the storm hits on Friday.  The carpet is coming soon soon, so Dorothy spent a lot of time cleaning up the rooms where the carpet will go. 

Greg is concerned about it being in the bedroom as he is still (and forever) doing tile in the shower.  I think it’s the shower from hell for him.  It’s a big shower, and it will eventually be a steam shower.  It has a shelf and built in support for the teak bench Glenn will someday build, and two showerheads.  He may never get done. 

  Starting to Tile in the Shower
However, we found out that Gabe has some of that sticky plastic for open houses that was left at his place, so we will be using that to cover the carpet where Greg is tracking in from the deck. 

Glenn has contracted for the fish scale siding which is on the upper portion of the house to be painted.  It’s hard to do without the proper equipment, and Glenn just hasn’t got the time.  Our subcontractors, who spoke mostly spanish (like just about every other subcontractor’s workers) finished up the painting this week.  The main guy (Luis, I believe) offered to stain the front and back door as well, so Glenn let him.  He didn’t do a very good job, partly because it was blowing so hard much of the time, and partly because, he just didn’t do a very good job.  Glenn paid him all but 100 of what he owed him, so he would come back and finish -- he never did.  But its only the doors that didn’t get done.

Then on Thursday night, it was back up to the Condo to finish off the vacation.  We invited Jeanne and Mac, Dorothy's Mom, and Liz and Bob up for dinner and to stay if they wanted on Friday night.  Liz and Bob ended up not coming because Amber had her baby.  Jeanne, Mac and Mom came for dinner.   Maybe next time, we can convince them to stay over
Friday night and into Saturday it snowed.  Glenn and Dorothy stayed in, read and relaxed.  Saturday night, our friends Jerry and Judy came up and we went to dinner at Cisero's.  Dorothy had Chicken Marsala and it was soooo good, she invited everyone to taste the mushrooms.  Everyone got this look on their face, like, Why didn't I have this?

Sunday, it was time to get up, pack up, and go back to the real world.  But it did us both a lot of good to take a little time off--and we needed it for what was coming up!