Step 24: Garage Side Door
While we have been waiting for the guy to show up to do the soffits and facsia, Glenn put in the french door on the side of the garage.  We picked this door up from another basement finishing project Glenn did a year or so ago.  They needed a bigger, better french door, we needed a little one.  Just a little serendipity, and presto, one free french door.  This will be the door we enter and exit the garage through most of the time. It is directly across from the mudroom door.

Step 25:  More Dirt!

Glenn and Steven spent some quantity time moving the dirt we got a while ago around.  The area between the house and the garage is now nice and flat, and just about the right height.

Glenn also has been filling in dirt on the west side of the house where the air conditioner compressor will be placed.  Seems like dirt moving is going to last for a long, long time.
  French Door

Step 27:  Garage Doors

While we continued to wait for the Soffit and Fascia guy, the garage doors were installed.  They even plugged them in and programmed the remote control.  
   Garage Doors

Step 28:  Soffits and Fascia

After three weeks of promises, the soffit and fascia guy stopped answering his phone.  What is it about contractors that makes them behave so badly?  

Glenn called up the other guy who had bid on doing the trim, and he said he'd have his crew out the next day.  Glenn said "done."  He called contractor no. 1's phone and said something like "You're fired" and hung up.  May 16th the crew showed up and got there stuff in place. May 17th, they were done.  How cool is that?
Soffits 1

Good thing Glenn was there, because he told them no gutters, but the word didn't get to the crew, and he stopped them just in time from adding gutters to the house.

Trim 2

Trim 3

Now we are ready to start putting up the siding.  Glenn plans on ordering siding this week. (May 14-19).

Yup, we still have some dirt there, that needs to be moved, but when the excavator comes this week to trench for water and power, we ought to be able to get rid of the piles in front of the garage.