Step 29:  Wiring

While we continue to wait for the Soffet and Fascia guy (who keeps promising he'll be there next week, or tomorrow) Glenn has been putting up cans, and looking for an electrician.    

The first one he called, said he'd come out and look at it the next day--and then failed to come.  Glenn called and called, and got no answer.  So when he got home that night, he called using my phone, and the guy answered.  Turns out, he decided he didn't want to do it, and simply didn't have the decency to tell Glenn.  He just didn't answer the phone.
    Wiring 1

Wiring 2
Wiring 3

The next guy Glenn called, was great. He agreed to come out that Friday and was willing to let Glenn do a lot of the work.  He and Glenn have been working the last two weekends (May 4,5, and 12th) getting wiring done.  Glenn has learned a lot about wiring from Marcel and he hopes to be able to complete the wiring by the weekend of the 19th.

May 12th:  All the lighting boxes are in except in the kitchen, and a couple of cans in the bathroom.  The circuit box is almost fully wired.  Things are shaping up nicely.  Next up, we need to get the guy in to do the interior sprinkling system (yes, its required because we are in a canyon overlay zone).
Wiring 4

May 19th:  Circuit boards are being wired up and we are ready to lay all the conduit.  Marcel has been a great Electrician, and he's been really helpful in making sure we do things according to code.  We have put in a circuit breaker box on all three floors.  Glenn says he doesn't want to have to go to the basement every time he has to flip a switch and do some work--and it is a good idea.  Especially since our main floor box is, well, full...
Main Circuit Breaker

The boxes in the basement and the loft have a lot of open room for when we actually get around to finishing those areas.

Both the house and the garage are getting close to being done, now we just have to do the hard work of getting the main box and the conduit done.
Loft Circuit Breaker Box