Vachon slid onto the barstool next to her and cocked his head to the side to examine Urs closely.
     She didn't meet his eyes.
     "Urs," he said softly, "what's going on?"
     Urs shrugged. "Nothing."
     "That's not exactly true," Vachon whispered in her ear.
     Urs slowly looked up to meet his eyes. "Well, then, it's nothing I want to talk about."
     Vachon's brow puckered slightly at the rebuff, but he said
nothing, as he watched her.
     "Oh, go away, Vachon," Urs said irritably.

                                                      -- The Darkness of the Soul

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Originally published in "
The Company of Night," published by Anime House Press, 1998.

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